Fly Over Beautiful 3D Landscapes in Interactive Game Woodbot Pilots

“A 3D gestural game. Using an IR 3D Camera, we translate gestures of the human body navigate a virtual landscape.

Start the game, choose a character and try and get the fastest time through the race track.

This project was launched at Skellefteå airport in Northern Sweden as an installation.”

Credits: Interactive Institute Umeå, North Kingdom and Adopticum


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Covering your Walls with Crayon=not Just for Kids

What you are looking at is ADA, Karina Smigla-Bobinski’s giant interactive crayon ball that allows adults to indulge their inner toddler. A transparent globe is filled with helium, covered in charcoal sticks, and sent off into a pure white room for utter destruction.  If you’re looking for a more artful description, check out the artist’s statement here.  While I’m sure it’s got some deep meaning behind it (or not, whatever), all I can really think about is how fun it must be to channel your inner child and just go to town on those walls via the biggest balloon you’ve ever got your hands on.  I mean, those walls are really just begging to be tampered with.  Check out this girl’s smile at 01:00, you can tell she’s loving it:

Karina Smigla-Bobinski is a Munich and Berlin-based artist who works with digital, analog, and mixed media.  She has some very interesting public video installations and light installations. View the entirety of her portfolio on her professional site.


Source: Karina Smigla-Bobinski