Fly Over Beautiful 3D Landscapes in Interactive Game Woodbot Pilots

“A 3D gestural game. Using an IR 3D Camera, we translate gestures of the human body navigate a virtual landscape.

Start the game, choose a character and try and get the fastest time through the race track.

This project was launched at Skellefteå airport in Northern Sweden as an installation.”

Credits: Interactive Institute Umeå, North Kingdom and Adopticum


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Willow’s “Sweater” makes a beautiful music video on one stage with Projection Mapping

Everything shot in studio with 3 beamers projecting on a floor and two walls.

Directed by: Filip Sterckx
DOP: Pierre Schreuder
3D animation / Editing: Filip Sterckx
Production: Pierre Schreuder, Filip Sterckx
Technical support: Aitor Biedma
Production assistant: Nils Goddeeris
Thanks to: Het Depot, Stake5, Cools multimedia, Tom Brewaeys, Birgit Sterckx, Antoon Verbeeck, Pieter-Jan Boghe

3D Holographic Displays Grace the Markets thanks to RealFiction

Dreamoc mixes 3D motion graphics with real objects or no objects at all to create a stunning holographic display.  Marketed commercially, Dreamoc is made by Denmark-based company RealFiction to advertise retail.  Leave it to the Scandinavians! This kind of technology holds great possibilities for the arts and experiential realms as well.  Eager to find out more information on how exactly they use the glass pyramid to create a 3D holographic illusion.

Check out this demo video:


Finally, an interactive installation for festival crowds!

Sydney-based studio Rezon8 came up with a way to make music festival goers interact even more by immersing them in an augmented reality system where imaginary creatures will frolic with you.  Great interactive things come from Australia! In “Curious Creatures,” you can interact with these strange animals as if it were a projected petting zoo (now there’s an idea…)! The piece was a finalist in SXSW Interactive this year. Check out the videos below for a peek at how it was done:

How they did it:

About Rezon8:

“Rezon8 create Interacta Systems using cutting-edge computer vision techniques, 3D scanning technology and intelligent targeting software to interact with customers in public spaces. By focusing on augmented reality, Reson8 has turned once passive out-of-home advertising into a highly engaging and innovative communication medium.”

About the project:

“This project was developed through the Splendid arts program and commissioned for Splendour in the Grass 2010. Splendid is a Lismore Regional Gallery project, in partnership with Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA), Splendour in the Grass and funded through the Opportunities for Young and Emerging Artists Initiative (OYEA) of the Australia Council.”

Source: Rezon8 Curious Creatures

Xbox Kinect+Dancing=Art

Using an xbox Kinect, three depth cameras, Processing, and 3DS Max, Daniel Franke and Cedric Kiefer made this gorgeous sand-like 3D animation.  This digital body contains 22,000 moving points. Wow.  Proof that hard work pays off.  Think we could get this in realtime?  Below, see the making of “unnamed soundsculpture” as well as stills from the video and set:

See the full article with way more details at Creative Applications.

Spherical MultiTouch Screen in “Geosphere”

I’m going where no Bizarre has gone before and triple posting these seeper people. Check it.

“Created for the Puffersphere, a multitouch spherical screen developed in collaboration with Pufferfish, this interactive display allows users to navigate the globe and explore the internet in a 3D space. Pins in the map signal new YouTube uploads across the world. When the user touches a pinhead a pop up box appears displaying the latest YouTube video posted in that territory. This multitouch, multiuser experience is an intuitive, responsive insight into global online activity.”