New addicting game: Doodle or Die

This visual game of telephone is sure to keep you occupied like Wall Street! Ba dum-dum.

Don’t hate me for the pun.

A sample poster designed by Ryan Roche, OFA Staff

Severe whining over Obama’s Unpaid Poster Commissioning

A sample poster designed by Ryan Roche, OFA Staff

A sample poster designed by Ryan Roche, OFA Staff

Whine whine whine.  Why has no one put any Rolling Stone articles up on White Whine?

The people over at Rolling Stone are freaking out about Obama’s solicitation for a design campaign poster–but why?

I mean, don’t get me wrong–I think we all understand the great irony of kicking off a jobs campaign with an unpaid poster…but still. Why would any administration dole out top dollar for a job when there are people who will do it for free?  It’s the same reason all our clothes are made in China and the same reason no one wants to take illegal immigrant workers’ jobs:

No matter how cheap you can get something for, there will ALWAYS BE SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR LESS.

In Obama’s case–free.  For Mike over at Mule Design, who was quoted in the article as estimating the project between $40,000 and $100,000 to do, I’m sorry…but that’s just ridiculous.  Talented designers do high-profile or promising jobs for free, just to get their name out there.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was worth it.

In case Rolling Stone hadn’t noticed (which they did, because they complain about it all the time), our nation is at a 9.1% unemployment rate which means that artists, usually starving, are still starving and nothing has really changed for them.  Artists will always create for free.