About Laura

Whether its marketing, experiential technology, kiosks, apps, programs, websites, or art, all interactive media inspires me.

I graduated from Northwestern University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s in Radio, TV, and Film with a concentration in Animation.  I work in a variety of digital mediums including web design, video editing, animation, and programming.  I’m following a career track in producing and project management. Currently, I’m working on a game of cat and mouse.  Later, I might be working on my website.  Tomorrow, I’ll probably collaborating with my das’lala partner to produce a new interactive installation.

I enjoy producing socially, economically, and politically conscious and publicly engaging work, and am actively involved in the Chicago post-production industry.  I try to live by the golden rule, because interaction rules us all.


9 thoughts on “About Laura

  1. Hi:

    Thanks for “liking” my Prague/McDonalds pic. Prague’s my home town (going wa-a-a-ay back when) and anything Czech is always a topic of interest to me.

    Quite a blog you have here. I think I’ll come and visit from time to time.


  2. hi – thanks for liking my “grid-lock”
    really interesting blog you have. I’m in complete agreement with your comments on models….

  3. Love your comments!….you certainly understand the way the dominant media imposes sexualized and limiting stereotypes upon young women…awareness is the first step in fighting back!


  4. Also stopping by to say thank you for your “like” of my blog about Menstruation. Really interested in seeing more on your blog, not just as a sociologist who often deconstructs media and politics, but as a fellow actively engaged Chicagoan as well 🙂

  5. Thanks for the “like” on my Feminism post… first like I’ve ever received on my new blog! Love the dog-kiss GIF, I think I watched it for like 8 minutes.

  6. Hey Laura,
    You animated me eating a fish in Red Martian Turtle! I love it. I am developing a web series and am interested in an animated 10 second intro. I was wondering if we could talk about the project. My email is taylorsbarrett [at] gmail [dot] com. I’d love to chat. Thanks! —- Taylor

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