Fly Over Beautiful 3D Landscapes in Interactive Game Woodbot Pilots

“A 3D gestural game. Using an IR 3D Camera, we translate gestures of the human body navigate a virtual landscape.

Start the game, choose a character and try and get the fastest time through the race track.

This project was launched at Skellefteå airport in Northern Sweden as an installation.”

Credits: Interactive Institute Umeå, North Kingdom and Adopticum


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Oh Hey Blog, I haven’t forgotten about ya

Yikes-it’s been a while since I’ve posted!  To be honest, I’ve been a bit busy with my own interactive work!  After finally *conquering* the sadistic world of arrays, I made my first video game ever using Processing, an interactive platform and coding language that is basically a more art-oriented version of Java.  It’s a raindrop game where you have to “catch” raindrops with the mouse before they hit the end of the screen.  While it’s not my original code (its from Daniel Shiffman’s ‘Learning Processing,’ which is absolutely a fantastic tool), I did manage to make the raindrops way prettier and create some gravity to add more of a challenge.

 I can’t wait until I learn how to reference external videos and images! It’s going to be sick. Over the next month I will FINALLY be learning the “cool” stuff–videos, imaging, advanced object-oriented programming, converting to html, and translating to Java, C++, iPad apps, etc.

So stay tuned.  As soon as I get to the point where I can put some stuff online, you can bet I will.  In the meantime, new interactive art showcasing to follow…

Biomodd: A Living Game Computer as Social Structure

Biomodd is “an open source and co-created art project fusing computer waste and living biology. Essentially, Biomodd creations are computer systems with living ecosystems inside of them. Taken together they form a global art project challenging presumed notions of opposition between nature and technology in different cultures.” (Biomodd).  It can be built and improved upon by anybody since it has an open source license.  Pretty cool huh?  Watch the video below for a close up sneak peek.

Source: Biomodd

Interactive Website of the Week: Great Gatsby for NES

While this doesn’t serve as a replacement for reading the actual book, I love the idea of making America’s most infamous piece of fiction interactive.  The game rewards people for reading The Great Gatsby as you don’t understand the humor otherwise. Play the game here.