Laura’s Links

Sources of Cool Stuff:

BBC News : the most trusted news site there is.

FFFFound : your daily source of inspiration

Jezebel : your daily dose of sarcasm

io9 : cool techy and sci fi stuff

Retronaut : blast from the past

Stumble Upon : magic pills for the ADD kid

WIRED : best magazine ever

Gizmodo : get your gadget on

Trend Land : sweet design blog

haw-lin : neverending stream of images

Jalopnik : another cool Gawker blog

Make a Change : get involved in your government with one click

Thompson Hotels Blog : travel and design blog

Infmetry : get your credit card out

Wanelo : keep the card out, you’ll want something.

Etsy : shop online for things that are actually cool

IdN: International Design Network

Creative Applications Network: innovation, projects, tools and platforms

Bit Rebels: geek, technology, design, and social media news



Ya Yella Girl

Oxford Burma Alliance

Leo & Theodosius

Pooja Panigrahi Paintings

Joe Sipkins





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