Night Bright Interactive Installation of Nocturnal Discovery

Night Bright is an interactive installation where children physically interact with an imaginary nocturnal ecosystem.  As explained by creator Design I/O:

“Night Bright is an interactive installation of nocturnal discovery where children use their bodies to light up the nighttime forest and discover the creatures that inhabit it.  Listening to the creatures’ sounds children can locate them in the forest, as they play a nighttime game of hide and seek.  Some creatures are curious and will investigate the light, while others are frightened and will hide in the shadows.  Using their light, children can grow nocturnal plants and release fireflies from their flowers.  The fireflies illuminate the environment and help locate the creatures hiding in the forest.
Night Bright was created for the Bumble children’s cafe in Los Altos, California.

Music for the video documentation courtesy of Diederik Idenburg / MOST Original Soundtracks.” (Design I/O)


Source: All images from Design I/O.


Funky Forest: Kids Bring a Digital Oasis to Life

There are a million reasons to celebrate the awesomeness of “Funky Forest” by Design I/O.  The projections completely transform the bare room, adorning otherwise blank walls with vines and fruit branches and flooding the floor with a digital waterfall. Kids can use their bodies to grow trees and divert flowing water to each tree.  The best part is probably that kids don’t even realize they are learning important lessons about how the environment works, and how important it is to protect it.

Here’s what Design I/O has to say about it:

“Funky Forest is a wild and crazy ecosystem where children manage the
resources to influence the environment around them. By using their bodies
or pillow “rocks” and “logs”, water flowing from the digital stream on the
floor can be dammed and diverted to the forest to make different parts
grow. If a tree does not receive enough water it withers away but by
pressing their bodies into the forest children create new trees based on
their shape and character. As children explore and play they discover that
the environment is inhabited by a variety of sonic life forms and
creatures who appear and disappear depending on the health of the forest.
As the seasons change the creatures also go through a metamorphosis.”

Theodore Watson
Emily Gobeille

Funky Forest – Interactive Ecosystem from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

Shiny Objects for the Addict: Sean Avery

These sculptures are made out of recycled materials-mainly CD’s.  Avery says, “I blend many different man made materials together to make them appear strangely organic, with a distinct sense of movement. I only use recycled materials to create my sculptures, which classifies my work as ‘sustainable art.'”

You may now be wondering if Avery is secretly a raccoon.


Source: Sean E. Avery

PS-Sean E. Avery is not to be confused with Sean Avery