Interactive Art at Electric Forest Festival: Human Avatar Project

Avatar Close up

Festivals are an amazing opportunity for interactive developers to get their hands dirty, and the minds behind Electric Forest Festival’s Human Avatar Project know that well.  You have thousands of particularly open-minded people (it takes a real champ to withstand a long weekend without showers) occupying a finite space for four days who all crave interaction–after all, festival-goers are there to participate.  Forest in particular is tailored for the interactive crowd with its forest area chalk-full of synthetic-meets-earthy sculptures  and extravagant light installations.

I don’t know how to describe this myself so I’ll let the project speak for itself:

“You may have met yourself in the Electric Forest last year– your face melting in with a succession of faces.  Projected through time and space, you were a digital apparition.  The Human Avatar Project (HAP) returns to the Electric Forest and invites you to make illusion join reality. 

HAP is a project created by The Experimental Media Team. Seeking to capture as many human personalities as possible; to be everyone and no one.”

Looks like it was pretty successful last year! If you were had to miss it and won’t be able to come this year, check out the video below to see everyone (and no one…):

Sources: Human Avatar Project, HAP Facebook


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