If Lars Von Trier Directed a Donald Duck Movie, This Would Happen:

If the name Lars Von Trier sounds even vaguely familiar to you, you probably know that he’s notorious for his ever-serious, dark, and disturbing directorial style.  I still remember the first Trier film I saw back in Prague where they have gigantic screens in the movie theatres, and no part of Antichrist escaped me—especially the extreme-close-up shot of Charlotte Gainsbourg taking a pair of scissors to her ladyparts.  I am still scarred from this, and so is my friend who cried after we got home from the film because she was so (understandably) disturbed.

Alas, it seems my pain and suffering from sitting through an hour and 38 minutes of violently disturbing porn and horror — or as young Alex and his droogs would say, “a bit of the ultraviolent” — has paid off, because without it I would have no context to find the humor in the above video.  So, my fellow Von Trier film PTSD sufferers, watch and enjoy.  Just don’t let it mess with your love of the Donald & Daisy Duck family!!


One thought on “If Lars Von Trier Directed a Donald Duck Movie, This Would Happen:

  1. Ouch! I preferred my innocence, I think, but I do see the remote surreal humor….yes, dark sick humor. The extreme Lars Von Trier violence set you up pretty well for this! SInce I did not have the (benefit of??) Antichrist prepping, I am in extreme need of a classic Disney film for cognitive/emotional cleansing…

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