You Want This: Interactive Bar Table!

Tmema and ARS Electronic Futurelab (specifically artists Golan Levin and Zachary Lieberman, one of the co-founders of OpenFrameworks) collaborated to make these baller interactive touch-screen bar tables! Control little organisms with your fingers, or just watch as the little alcoholics swirl around your drink (making it look way cooler and allowing the bar to charge you a little more).

Here’s what the artists have to say:

“The project forms the natural habitat of a species of creatures that exhibits a unique pattern of social behavior. When someone touches the surface of their virtual terrarium, these digital organisms react with playful curiosity. They flock to drinking glasses placed in their vicinity like hungry sharks, and teem around everything that enters their world. But have no fear: they don’t bite. If you catch one with your fingers, it will follow your movements, and you can send it on in any direction and from table to table. Left alone, the creatures descend back into the depths of their digital environment. In this way, the colorful organisms become part of a communicative game involving the users of the Interactive Bar Tables, whereby the flow of communication extends throughout the individual terrariums and creates an interconnection among the participants.”

Not sure why this hasn’t been installed in most bars-I’d sure put it in my house!  Be sure to check out Golan Levin’s work at Flong and Zachary Lieberman at Thesystemis.

Interactive Bar Tables by Tmema + AEC from Tmema on Vimeo.


What do you think of this?

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