Underground Interactive: Color Gun

Paul Clay made this interesting “Color Gun” project with Max MSP/Jitter, a video camera, a projector, and a wii remote. Clay describes the piece:

“The program tracked the position of the people’s heads using color tracking. The colorful blood was dynamically generated by the Jitter patch depending on where the head was. The direction of the spray depended on which side of the head the gun(wii remote with green flashlight attached) was shot.”

Seems like this project could be easily adjusted to create a giant real-life interactive video game; instead of shooting zombies on your screen, you could be shooting your friends (zombie face paint optional).  A little morbid, yes, but also one step closer to creating a real Holodeck…

See Paul Clay’s website (link below) for more of his works, including “Bear Crosses Territory,” an interactive video game that raises questions about border conflicts and travel culture.

Source: Paul Clay 


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