Laser Cave Prototype is Freaking Awesome.

In general, you know something is cool when you think it’s 10 times bigger than it actually turns out to be – and the same applies to Suryummy’s “Laser Cave Prototype.”  From stop-motion animation miniatures to the Mona Lisa to Nanotechnology, there is worldwide appreciation for working with the tiniest tiny objects you can get your paws on.  Laser Cave is not that tiny, but I couldn’t believe my eyes at 0:18 where the camera zooms out to reveal the whole thing is just a little box.  I had been picturing something more along the lines of Wonwei/SuperNatureDesign’s “Prisma 1666” where the piece takes up the entire floor.  However, by using mirrors Laser Cave is able to achieve this out-of-the-box type of effect.  The piece was prepared for Mekanism’s “After School Special” art show

Actual Size

Actual Size

Laser Cave Prototype from Suryummy on Vimeo.

Source: Suryummy


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