Interactivity Without Physical Contact: How does it work?

Check out this cool interactive piece by Jack Schulze and Timo Arnall called “Nearness.”  If you’re a frequent YouTuber you’ve probably seen videos of “near field communication” inventions before, which basically just means that two objects can communicate by existing in close proximity.  What I like most about this type of work and this piece in particular is how clearly it shows that “everything happens for a reason.”  Now, usually when people use that phrase they are talking about some kind of higher power, usually God’s plans, something happening because of specific intent or destiny.  No one can know that.  This piece demonstrates what we do know–cause and effect. Everything happens as a result of something else happening, a domino effect, butterfly effect, whatever you want to call it.  A piece of dust lit up by the sunlight catches your eye for a split second, and your entire day is affected whether you like it or not.  The same is apparent in this piece, except unlike in our own lives it’s all laid out in front of you.  It’s such a simple idea, isn’t it? But it’s what created life. It’s not to be underestimated. Watch it play out in “Nearness” below:

Nearness from Timo on Vimeo.

To see more of these cool projects, check out the Noupe article “15 Amazing Interactive Installations” where I learned about these.


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