Stalking Suffragettes in 1912 and Women’s Status 100 years later

‘In 1912, Scotland Yard detectives bought their first camera, to covertly photograph suffragettes. The pictures were compiled into ID sheets for officers on the ground.’ - BBC through Retronaut

With all eyes turned to the Republican “War on Women,” and the rapidly approaching International Women’s Holiday on May 8, I thought it might be appropriate to take a look back in time and see how far we’ve come 100 years later.  Well, women’s rights supporters are no longer being stalked by the police, but they are still apparently on the cops shit list:

In the video above, hundreds of citizens peacefully protest at Capitol Square in Virginia for women’s rights (as shown on the Richmond Times Dispatch Website).  31 citizens–17 women and 14 men–were arrested by officers donning riot gear.

‘”The legislators should not be legislating medical procedures, especially for women,’ she said earlier. ‘We have a freedom of choice and they’re trying to take that away.’ said Glenn Allen resident Bonnie Ward.” (RTD).

I think we can all agree that in general, politicians are the stupidest and most selfish/corrupt people on Earth (which makes sense, because only power-hungry individuals want that kind of responsibility).  You know the saying–politics are best left to non-politicians. So why on Earth are we “letting” them legislate medical procedures, when they are elected to legislate for political issues?  Sounds clearly out of their jurisdiction.

In recent months, there have been multiple blows for women’s health:

1. Very successful attempts at defunding Planned Parenthood, including the removal of Susan G. Komen breast cancer screenings (which were later re-installed due to much complaint, thank god!)

2. The bullshit-named ““Woman’s Right to Know Act,” which MANDATES a very invasive (vaginal penetration, yup) ultrasound for all women who need an abortion.

3. Rush Limbaugh’s verbal attack on testifying Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke

4. Republicans try to take away insurance coverage on birth control

It’s amazing that despite the real world issues that require America’s attention –Iran’s nuclear program, our terrible education system, the debt crisis, unemployment, unbelievable amounts of oil dumped into our oceans between 2010-2012–there are groups of people who are determined to take away human rights from women.  Leave Roe v. Wade alone and go fix the ocean or something.

Pictures from Scotland Yard’s stalking of suffragettes in 1912, courtesy of Retronaut.

Source: Retronaut


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