Breaking news: Bonobos just as slutty as humans!


All attention-grabbing headlines aside, recent studies shared by BBC news seem to show that both female and male Bonobos engage in homosexual behavior for a specific purpose.  For males, engaging in boy-on-boy loving keeps the peace after a conflict arises.  For females, engaging in sexual activity with females of higher social status increases their social stature.  It’s a type of bonding and strengthens friendships or whatever type of relationship you want to call it.

I’m curious as to whether these discoveries can tell us anything about our own history with homosexuality. Compared to Bonobos, we seem like total prudes!  I’m particularly interested in how this relates to homosexuality in ancient Greece, since both instances seem to be based on achieving a particular goal rather than occurring out of love.  On the subject of ancient greek homosexuality the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy states:

“Status concerns were also of the highest importance. Given that only free men had full status, women and male slaves were not problematic sexual partners. Sex between freemen, however, was problematic for status. The central distinction in ancient Greek sexual relations was between taking an active or insertive role, versus a passive or penetrated one.” (Stanford)

I’m also brought back to actress Cynthia Nixon’s (who is bisexual) controversial words about sexual orientation being a “choice”:

“While I don’t often use the word, the technically precise term for my orientation is bisexual. I believe bisexuality is not a choice, it is a fact. What I have ‘chosen’ is to be in a gay relationship,” she told The Advocate. “I do, however, believe that most members of our community – as well as the majority of heterosexuals – cannot and do not choose the gender of the persons with whom they seek to have intimate relationships because, unlike me, they are only attracted to one sex.” (Jezebel)

What’s possibly MOST interesting about this whole thing is the urge to define, define, and define.  It’s something we humans do all the time as a method of better understanding what we don’t naturally get.  Like many animals, we humans are a curious breed with an inexplicable urge to find reasons for our existence and the existence of all entities, seen and unseen.  But sometimes there aren’t answers.  Just ask Haddaway.

Sources: BBC News, Jezebel, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

PS-I was just kidding about the slutty thing. I think it’s a cruel and often sexist word.

PPS-I feel dirty posting a picture of bonobo sex, but like I said, we humans are a curious breed…

PPPS-Does this mean we can’t judge girls who make out with other girls simply for male attention!?


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