Landscapes, Danger, and Disaster: The Lost Worlds of Lori Nix

Bounty, 2004

Man, I’m on a photography kick today.  These photos of Lori Nix’s, taken from “The City” and “Lost” projects depict a blend of landscapes, danger, and disaster–three of Nix’s inspirations:

“I was born in a small town in western Kansas, and each passing season brought it’s own drama, from winter snow storms, spring floods and tornados to summer insect infestations and drought. Whereas most adults viewed these seasonal disruptions with angst, for a child it was considered euphoric. Downed trees, mud, even grass fires brought excitement to daily, mundane life. As a photographer, I have recreated some of these experiences in the series ‘Accidentally Kansas.'” (Lori Nix)

There is something so sexy about these photos.  When I look at them, I’m reminded of I Am Legend and I want to turn on NIN’s Year Zero and contemplate how a totalitarian government would go about dealing with a zombie outbreak.  Basically, they send me off into another world.  Makes sense, as Nix “used a shallow depth of field to give [it] a dreamy quality, like the fuzziness of memories” for some of works, such as Accidentally Kansas (see “Flood” (2010) below). Dreamy quality-pwnd.

Library, 2007

Aquarium, 2007

Great Hall, 2006

Treehouse, 2004

Control Room, 2010

Flood, 1998

Map Room, 2010

Durbin Pass, 2003

Mall, 2010

Botanic Garden, 2008

 Source: Lori Nix


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