Interactive Website of the Week: NAWLZ

This webby award winning interactive comic called NAWLZ takes you on a trip through the cerebral technology-dominated future.  Kind of abstract but it keeps you clicking along, and the interactive graphics suit the cyborg-like content pretty well.  So far I gather it’s about imagining whales in a whale-less future (THANKS Japan*).

*scroll down for rants on Japan

Play out NAWLZ here! (reminds me of Narwhals, wonder if it that’s the title’s origin)

*I love Japanese culture.  But while we’re talking about needlessly killing intelligent mammals: watch The Cove to get educated on what Japan’s government is allowing its fisherman to do.  Here’s a picture of it, not for the faint of heart mind you)


3 thoughts on “Interactive Website of the Week: NAWLZ

  1. That was original indeed (though way too abstract for me). Your blog is awesome (and random, but that is also cool), so here is my Versatile Blogger Award for ya!

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