Real-life Aerith Trolls Real-life Midgar Mako Reactors

Blogger Lana Sator snuck into NPO Energomash, a Russian military rocket factory outside Moscow.  The facility is so massive that it looks desolate despite the fact that it is still very much in use.  The sheer magnitude of the structures look like something out of a video game…specifically, Final Fantasy VII, my 13-year-old self’s favorite way to waste time.

“The open joint-stock company NPO Energomash named after academician V.P.Glushko is leading enterprise in the world on development of powerful liquid rocket engines for space launch-vehicles. The enterprise conducts the history since May 15th, 1929. For last years it has been developed here nearby 60 LPRE which were produced serially and were in operation and continue to be in operation in structure of space and military launch-vehicles.” –NPO Energomash Website

Can you tell the difference between the two?  I mean, yes, obviously you can unless you’re a f*ing idiot. But it’s still cool to compare:

And for a little fun comparison:

What do you think of this?

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