The Undead: Models v. Zombies

I am always amazed when, flipping through a magazine, I come across an incredibly well-shot image of a dead woman only to find it is a clothing, shoe, or handbag advertisement.  What is it with fashion spreads and dead-looking women?  To prove my point, here are a few snapshots from the “Fashion Sucks At…” tumblr, .  I think it’s pretty clear that fashion sucks at “life” :

“Just position me so I can see my shoes as I take my one last, dying breath.”

You forgot to bury the head-

This particular look is free with any purchase at your local Walgreens.

“Just hangin with my dead friend.”

Not sure why this is such a trend, but it’s disturbing to say the least.  You can find a great example of this in Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Monster” music video, which I won’t link to because why would I?  The entire set design is composed of naked, dead models hanging from the ceiling.  Jay-Z raps with a naked dead model in the background.  Why is something so suggestive of rape okay for tv? Why is this violence against women from the visual and musical communities okay? Ask yourself.


5 thoughts on “The Undead: Models v. Zombies

  1. While I do agree models are a bit on the uhh… skinny side, for lack of a better word, I think a lot of people tend to forget that it’s all business. The photography aspect of it, of course, not the physical appearances of the models. High fashion is usually associated with sleek, dramatic shots which is why you don’t see models appearing overly “emotional” or “dead” in pictures for places like Ralph Lauren, American Eagle (and other “mall” stores), etc and vice versa. It’s the way it’s always been, and while yes, quite a few models do have the occasional problem such as anorexia, that’s how the fashion industry is. It does what it has the goal of doing; selling products. Take Netflix, for example. Those who have it complain about them spiking the prices, but at the end of the day, it’s business, and they are still making money.

    But yes, models shouldn’t look so frail. I do agree with that.

  2. Gives you some perspective on what the fashion industry is up to. It’s hard for me to believe that you will sell lots of clothing with photos like that. If you make people feel good that’s how you sell. Oldest trick in the book. Some things never change. Some of the photograps are well-made (as photographs only) but send signals to the public that’s hard to interpret in a positive way. It’s also a little bit we-ran-out-of-ideas-thing. I mean seriously…how about to be really creative and do something that make somebody smile!

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