Scientists Literally Reinvent the Wheel!

First-ever image of a single molecule (IBM)

First-ever image of a single molecule (IBM)

According to BBC news,  researchers really have reinvented the wheel by creating the tiniest vehicle, ever, whose wheels are no more than chemical groups changing their shape to push the molecule forward.  Being so tiny, the car’s racked up more than 6 billionths of a meter for mileage after receiving 10 electric bursts from a fine point of metal that’s made up of only one or two atoms.

Anyone got some good ideas for how to put these things to use? 😉


One thought on “Scientists Literally Reinvent the Wheel!

  1. Like most machines that move in a directed manner, the most important use of this machine will be to transport materials in a guided manner. The main advantage here is that the material to be transported would be single molecules and like Nature’s transport system (kinesins) this will make organisation of molecules into unusual structures an interesting possibility:

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